Ten Townsfolk to Bother or Aid Your Players

Medieval Lady by Hans SThis is a small collection of townsfolk to ad some color to your towns. None of these are meant to be the center of an adventure, they are there to add color.

1. Lady Karska is a wealthy widow who collects ‘magic scrolls’, she has dozens of them and almost all are complete fakes as the local con men have figured out that Lady Karska can’t tell a fake from a real scroll, however if needed one or more can be real scrolls to aid the group at the right moment. As for the Lady herself you can meet her at the inn where she will offer to buy scrolls from adventurers. She cannot use them, but that doesn’t stop her from trying and she will spend hours trying to get a scroll to work once she has purchased it, when she fails she puts them into a large chest in her home which is jammed with old scrolls.

2. Jerrik the Stout is fascinated with one of the PC races (Pick the PC with the race that is most exotic in the town and use that one.) and is regarded as the local expert on them. He has been regaling the town for years with stories of how the race eats their dead and can make gold by boiling roots and the like. All nonsense of course, but once he sees a real live member of the race he is obsessed with he will want to talk to them endlessly, even if treated rudely he will persist in trying to find out all he can, if he is told the truth he will mangle it when telling others, not maliciously, he is just really really dim.

3. Old Man Thandros is the town rat catcher and he hunts rats with glee. Have a paranoid group here something moving under the floor of their inn room, it will be Old Man Thandros crawling through the crawlspace hunting a rat, while they are sneaking through an alley have Old Man Thandros pop out of a hole in a wall displaying his latest trophy. If you want to make him useful, he knows every small passage way under the houses of the town and all the tunnels that lead to the basements etc, perhaps he will help the PCs if they help him bag “The King” a legendary rat the old man has been hunting for many years.

4. Keltis is blind, or at least functionally blind as she can’t see anything in this dimension, she sees into the feywild or the shadowfell at the location that matches where the town is. Some areas match up well for the terrain, but the plane she sees into is filled with terrible creatures so she keeps her eyes closed as much as she can. The beings in the other plane cannot see her, but the combination of their terrible nature and the differences between the other plane and the material one leave poor Keltis nearly helpless. Perhaps the PCs are looking for something in the other plane and hear of a woman who can see into it.

5. Delia is a spy, she spies on her neighbors, she spies on travelers who pass through town. As a young girl few pay her any mind, but she writes down all she sees into her journal and she has seen something the PCs need information about, the PCs need to find her and her journal before the bad guys do.

6. Basil is the head of town’s gang of tough kids. The gang consists of a dozen or so young boys, to young for hard work but old enough to make trouble. They are fearless, but not stupid, so they will taunt a PC or monster, but run away when chased. The kids will pelt anyone they dislike with dirt clods, road apples and trash if threatened. Basil fancies himself a giantslayer, he wants to drop something big, perhaps the PCs can point him in the right direction to a dragon or troll?

7. Mayor Rollo is very imaginative and energetic, he is filled with ideas to better the town. Currently he is working on manned kites that guards can be flown in above the town to drop rocks on criminals or attackers. Yes the accidents so far are unfortunate, but he is sure that with just a bit more tweeking this will work! Then he will proceed with his plan to mount the entire town on a platform that can be pulled up the hill when the spring floods come. The towns people all think he is a genius, but volunteers to try his new ideas are sometimes hard to come by, perhaps you daring adventurers would be willing to try?

8. Priestess Margol is the towns leading religious person, but remarkably ineffective. This is because she isn’t really a priestess, she is conwoman who has gotten stuck in the role and now doesn’t want to leave, but knows she will be exposed sooner or later. Do the PCs help her or expose her?

9. Giddral is the town hunter, but he has a dark secret, he sells information to the local orks, bandits, cultists, etc in return for freshly killed game. He tips them off when rich travelers are leaving or when good loot can be found in the town, but now the PCs have come to him looking for a guide to hunt his allies. He isn’t a good woodsman or hunter at all, but how can he slip away and tip off his allies with PCs watching him all the time?

10. Alain is rightfully paranoid, as a young boy he watched his family cut down in front of him for being related to the old King. When the new King took the throne he sent out people to kill anyone else who had a claim on throne, but his henchmen missed the boy somehow. Now as young adult Alain tries to keep a low profile, as he is the rightful claimant to the throne but he has no army or family to back him. The PCs need a book he has, but he doesn’t trust them and they don’t know who he really is. Won’t be easy to convince him that they can be trusted.

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